Sunday, May 18, 2014

Caleb's Choice

Caleb's Choice is now available on Amazon. It is the first in a new series: Chance Creek Brides, The Early Years. 

Chance Creek, Texas, 1875. When Maggie and her husband, Ian Price, led a group of displaced southerners to Texas just after the Civil War, she never imagined that she would be the one left in charge of them. After the murder of her husband, she inherited the job of town sheriff. The town is all but held hostage by the Sayer brothers, one of them the killer of Maggie's husband. Ignoring the brewing disappointment and bitterness within, she does her best to keep the town going, settling minor disputes, and generally encouraging the citizens to have hope that the future will be better. But the job is too much for a woman alone. Maggie knows she should trust God to handle the problem, but she feels He has let her down in the past. How can she trust Him for the future?

Widowed Caleb Hatcher is a man doing his best to leave the past behind. Anxious to start a new life, he heads for Texas, with ranching on his mind. Greeted with a bullet in his side, Caleb soon learns that there is more to the town of Chance than he could have imagined. And more to Maggie Price, the beautiful and sometimes hard to understand woman that rescued him from certain death.

Will Maggie learn that God has His own way of working things out? Or will she allow her own stubborn will to lead her down the wrong path?