Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have You Heard?

Barbour's Mystery Book Club is closing. It seems that the bad economy has touched them, too. This is the post that Joanne made on Friday:

This is a big disappointment to me, as well. As a writer of Christian mysteries, this puts even more limitations on where an unagented writer can submit. It's not that I'm giving up~I enjoy writing too much.

But it seems like a set-back, of sorts. I do write romance, so I can keep submitting to Barbour through that section. I've always loved Barbour. They are such a personal, friendly company and I wish the best for their publishing house in the future. And maybe, just maybe, their mystery line will make a come back!



Terri Tiffany said...

I hadn't heard that news! that is too bad as I know that will affect many good writers:( the economy is taking a toll in so many places.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Yes, I read JoAnne's post the other day and was so sad. While I write single titles, my novels do have elements of mystery, suspense, faith and romance. I tend to write historicals as well. There isn't exactly a historical suspense line or a historical mystery line so I fall in that single title area.

Don't get discouraged and keep writing. Maybe God is gently nudging you in a different direction. Maybe he wants you to connect with an agent or write longer books with thicker plots for single title. The possiblities are endless.

Blessings to you,

Joanne said...

The Publishing industry seems to really be taking a hit with the economy, but all advice I see is to keep writing the best story you can! Good work will find a home.