Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Do you ever feel like you're not making much progress when you do revisions? Several times these past couple of days, I've felt like our kitten~that maybe things would be better if I'd just crawl under the table:)

Maybe it is because this is an older project and I'm not really involved with the story like I was when I was writing it. Also, my writing style has changed some since I wrote this book.

Fortunately, by the end of the day, I started getting more 'in the groove' of the story and things are going a little faster.

Sometimes, we just have to make ourselves sit down and start working on a writing task--even if we don't feel like it. Otherwise, it gets easier and easier to leave it undone. I've been guilty of this at times.

Is there anything special you do to get yourself started working on a project that you've set aside?


Rebekah said...

I know what you mean. Going back to an old project can be really difficult, especially if your writing "voice" has changed a lot since then. Usually, I just read through it one chapter at a time, underlining the parts that need to be fixed. It helps me concentrate on the trouble spots, so I don't feel like I'm rewriting the whole book.

Janet, said...

Sometimes I welcome editing an old project, especially if I'm having trouble getting ideas for new stories. It gets me writing and I can usually see things that I hadn't noticed before. I like to run off a copy and read it while I walk. I did that this morning on a story I'm working on.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Revisions are very hard especially when you have to decide what words to cut. It's like surgery, having to cut words. Writing is hard work, but rewarding. Once I start writing, it comes, but sometimes it's hard to get ideas. Please feel free to visit my blog and leave a comment at: http://blueridgepoet.blogspot.com