Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's so hard to believe that August is here. Summer is passing by so fast. It seems that it was just June a week or so ago.

My rose campions (pictured above) are still blooming! They are only supposed to bloom in early summer, but the grouping of them I have in a shady area are still giving me pretty flowers.

I've almost finished with my book revisions and the partial to be sent in is complete. I'll be sending it next week.

I also have another project ready to send in to a contest. It will be mailed later this week. I'm hoping for a couple of good critiques from this contest.

I hope all of you are enjoying these warm days.


Terri Tiffany said...

So you are where I am? Yay! Do you know where you are going to send yours to yet? That for me is the hardest part. Keep me posted!

Janet, said...

Good luck with your revisions and contest. I love good critiques, they are so helpful.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Yes, time is passing quickly. I can hardly believe it's August. Your roses are beautiful. Congratulations on your book! Good luck with the contest. Have a great weekend.