Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Do you enjoy reading about the day to day activities of our fore mothers? I've always liked to read about pioneer women. In fact, Pioneer Women, Voices From The Kansas Frontier, by Joanna L. Stratton, is one of my favorite books. Can you imagine living in a dugout house with a dirt ceiling, dirt walls, and a dirt floor? No wonder they covered the ceiling with sheeting and papered the walls.

After reading about those brave women, I have a lot of sympathy for Ma Ingalls and her dislike of that dugout they were in for a while, despite Laura Ingalls Wilder's enthusiasm for the little home. The thought of snakes dropping through the ceiling is a little too much for me!

There are some aspects of their lives that I enjoy--making bread, soap, and cooking on a woodstove. Although my woodstove is really a stove for heating the house, I can cook on it in the winter. A Dutch oven filled with a roast, potatoes, onions, and carrots makes a wonderful supper!

What is your favorite pioneer woman book? And what aspects of their lives do you enjoy reading about and maybe like to 'copy' today?

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